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Alt_Cph 13 Concoction

Grand opening Friday 30. August at 15:30


Friday, August 30th 15:30 – 22:00

Saturday, August 31st 12:00 – 02:00

Sunday, September 1st 12:00 – 16:00


See the galleri from Alt_Cph 2013 here


Alt_Cph – the meeting place for artist-run spaces and initiatives – welcomes the audience to a loud and vibrant art fair at the Factory of Art and Design from August 30th till September 1st.


This year, Alt_Cph has invited the artist Jørgen Carlo Larsen to create the physical framework of the fair and more than 23 artist-run spaces from home and abroad will set up camp in his installation at the Factory of Art and Design.


His installation’s presence in the space consists of simple sculptural elements from natural materials, which will activate the floor, ceiling and walls. By allowing this piece to provide a framework for the fair, the focus will be on the Material - not just as something objects are made of, but as a vibrant in-between space in perpetual transformation; as the matter we consist of and the matter that surrounds us.


In addition to the 23 art spaces and the many artists that they have invited, Alt_Cph 13 is proud to present three generous programmes of debates, performances and music in collaboration with, Liveart and Thorgej Steen Hansen.


Alt_Cph started out in 2006 as the Alternative Art Fair – a title that we’re still proud to be associated with. Alt_Cph is not a framework for a specific kind of art but rather a necessary supplement to the more established and institutionalized art scene.


‘Concoction’ is the title we’ve chosen for the fair in order to capture the particularity of Alt_Cph 13. It refers to a mix of different ingredients – a fabrication even – or a strange combination of materials, people and ideas




The Alt_Cph 13 curatorial team: Camilla Nørgård, Mette Høyen Andersen, Claus Bjerre, Bank & Rau, Mille Winther and Maria Gry Bregnbak.

Press coordinator: Naja Bjørn Nielsen (
Media relations: Sara Glahn (


Alt_Cph 13 Concoction
Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, Sundholmsvej 46, 2300 København S

Friday, August 30th / 15:30 – 22:00

Saturday, August 31st / 12:00 – 02:00

Sunday, September 1st / 12:00 – 16:00

Entrance: kr. 50,- (valid all three days)



Alt_Cph is open 15:30 - 22:00

15:30 Durational work: "Opadstræbende linjer" performance by Kristoffer Raasted (15.30-22:00) and performance by Albin Werle - "Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space" (in collaboration with

16:00 Opening Speech by Simon Strange

16:30 Performance by Jon Stahn (Danske Grafikere)

17:00 Presentation by EKKM (the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia)

18:30 - 19:30 Kunsten som alternativ / Art as alternative (debate in collaboration with

20:00 - 21:30 Music and sound by Damien Dubrovnik (DK) + DJs

Performance programme in collaboration with, debates in collaboration with and music/sound in collaboration with Thorgej Steen Hansen.


Alt_Cph is open 12:00 - 02:00

12:00 - 13:00 PERFORMANCErum presents Søren Krog, Joaquin Zaragosa, Claus Strøm and Ragnhild May

13:30 bull mengers presents Karen Petersen: 'La Longue'

14:00 - 15:00 Den teknologiske revolution / The technological revolution (debate in collaboration with

15:00 PERFORMANCE rum presents Claus Ejner: 'Jeg er et gennemsnitsmenneske' 

15:30-18:00 presents performance by Aaron Williamson

15:30 Durational performance by Albin Werle - "Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space" (in collaboration with

16:00-17:00 Talk by Object This Picture with Amalie Smith, Søren Bjørn, Johan Martin Christiansen and Carl Martin Faurby, Jørgen Michaelsen, Theis Wendt. 

17:30 SpLab presents Sebastian Edin

18:30 SpLab presents Spost + ØØ

19.30 Henrik Astrup performs Deep Woods

20:00 PERFORMANCErum presents Hybrid

21:00 SpLab presents Krishve 

21:30 Pop-up party by Science Friction and F.A.T Lab

22:30 - 23:00 Music and sound by Puce Mary (DK) 

23:30 - 00:30 Music and sound by Lust for Youth (SE)

00:30 - 02:00 Party + DJs

Performance programme in collaboration with, debates in collaboration with and music/sound in collaboration with Thorgej Steen Hansen.


Alt_Cph is open 12:00 - 16:00

13.00 - 14.00 Kunst er viden / Art is knowledge (debate in collaboration with

12:30 Anders Benmouyal & Peter Rørbæk

12.00-15.00 presents the performance "Strømmed ord" by Nilas Dumstrei

14.00 Candyland presents performance by Mattias Larson

14.30 – 15.30 Non-Shop-Records (DK) - a dj collage through the history of sound art by Thorgej Steen Hansen

15.30 Durational performance by Albin Werle - "Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space" (in collaboration with

Performance programme in collaboration with, debates in collaboration with and music/sound in collaboration with Thorgej Steen Hansen.

Third Ear


Third Ear is a digital magazine where we utilize words, sound and images as a means of storytelling. Every month we introduce our audience to a new documentary narration. Third Ear’s ambition is to communicate contemporary art as art.


Photos: Third Ear, "Chalkboard Symphony" af Zven Balslev (created for "Sound on Print" project, curated by Miriam Nielsen, Third Ear/Third Space 2013)



teksas is situated in the countryside outside of Græsted in the North of Zealand. 38m2 exhibition space in a rebuilt factory and a plot of approx. 5.000 m2 for outdoor exhibition projects. Furnished apartment and production facilities for the exhibiting artists. We live in the building as well. Is run by artists Karin Lind and Peter Holm – both with several local and international exhibitions and curatorial projects behind them. t e k s a s is run as a project space parallel to the artistic careers of the artists behind it. Situated outside of the centre, we communicate contemporary art based on our own perspectives. We operate fast and free from financial interests. We don’t pay attention to age or nationality but want to be challenged by the collaboration with the exhibiting artists and their contributions.

Sydhavn Station


Sydhavn Station is based on a desire to develop an open platform that doesn’t settle on one particular perspective. In addition to the exhibition space, we have 15 poster stands at our disposal located on the wall of the exhibition space facing the the hallway of the station. The location of the exhibition space and especially the poster stands offer a unique possibility for continuous experiments with art in a public sphere which is different from that of the art world. Sydhavn Station focuses on contemporary art of a conceptual nature and takes the form of solo as well as group exhibitions, poetry readings, concerts, performances, talks and events – by local artists as well as international. Additionally, we are publishing the journal Tidsskriftet Sydhavn Station which promotes a broad collaboration with visual artists, architects, poets etc.

The ten artists running the space are Jens Axel Beck, Sonja Lillebæk Christensen, Claus Ejner, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Heidi Hove, Ulla Hvejsel, Morten Jacobsen, Mette Juul, Anne Skole Overgaard and Camilla Rasborg.


Photos: Sydhavn St., Sydhavn St. opening, "Invisble" (2012) Jacob Borges.



SpLab (Special Laboratory for Art and the Public) contributes a performative installation project that changes during Alt_Cph, as artists will be drawing, building and writing during the three days. Among other things, the installation serves as a viewing space for performances, audio and readings. As such, the installation can be seen as a satellite of SpLab (Special Laboratory for Art and Public), which is an experimental project space connected to the Jutland Art Academy. The idea is to show a sample of the wide range of activities taking place in SpLab.

Space Poetry / Pist Protta


Pist Protta is an art magazine released by Space Poetry and edited by Jesper Fabricius, Åse Eg Jørgensen and Jesper Rasmussen. The first edition was released in 1981 in a small village in Northern Jutland. Ever since that time it has, or so we feel, become an important space for all sorts of strange experiments – not least formal ones. Over the past years, Pist Protta has managed to mythologize itself so far out on the fringes of reality where only the few can follow. This has, however, not yet resulted in the elimination of the state’s journal subsidy despite the fact that the latest issue (no. 72) contains neither text nor images. This isn’t even a first. The issues 34 to 45 from 1999 are completely devoid of contents. In its other art publications, Space Poetry has since attempted a more audience-friendly approach. It has published poetry collections, ordinary art catalogues (not all equally good) but also artist books, which in oddity are far from outdone by Pist Protta.

Skovsnogen Art Space


Skovsnogen Art Space is an exhibition space that is not defined by walls and ceiling, but unfolds under the open sky in a West Jutland forest. Skovsnogen Art Space confronts traditional ideas about the encounter between art and audience and convey contemporary art to new audiences and gives artists new opportunities to create and present their works. Skovsnogen Art Space is always open, always for free and you are always welcome!

In collaboration with dansk standardpoesi, Skovsnogen Art Space presents an attempt at a conflation between science and art in a practical and aesthetical study of the terms and conditions for growth inspired by the French philosopher Serge Latouche’s (1940) theories on degrowth. Latouche briefly describes the core idea of his critique of consumerism and the concept of economic growth as: “…an escape forward...” Growth, after having been applied in 1945, has turned into a concept that is paramount and utterly central to the political and economic science and thought. The actual function of growth as a fundamental biological, human and social concept – i.e. that growth is more than a financial concept – has been proportionally understated. Growth is an attentiveness directed towards new possibilities/an indication of direction towards a progressive approach to the utilization and sharing of resources.


Photos: My Coorhizal, Maya Peitersen, Morten Alsinge.

Skånes Konstförening


Skånes konstförening (Skåne's Art Association) accommodates and encourages all forms of art today, with and open mind we dive into the most impossible projects and ideas. we dispose of large premises in an old industrial building in southern Malmö. Here we produce large and small exhibitions, art performances, live art and concerts of the highest quality. Art today is a means of expression that chooses a medium best suited for the message, a boundless abundance of expressions, materials, formats, and motivations ranging from the most austere formalism to chaotic innovation.


Photos: Damo Susuki, "En pappersvärld" (exhibition), "Teater Mutation" (performance)

Science Friction


In June 2013, Science Friction hosted an “anarcheological” performance featuring two major scandinavian figureheads of the “Anarchival” – Bitbureauet (DK) and Piratbyrån (SE) – to originate frictions in our Art & Technology gallery in Nørrebro.

Bitbureauet curated Piratbyrån’s archive, composed of various discursive texts, bitmaps, algorithms, texts, subtexts, IRC traces, algorithms, dates, pictures and opinions gathered over a period of seven years.

The results of the “anarcheological” performance is presented at Alt_Cph 13, where extracted bits have been fixed in a printed book, edited on-the-fly by artist Raquel Meyers as material was digged out of hard drives and mixed with other media and discourses through algorithmic means and editorial infused decisions. In turn this Science Friction edited book will stratify once again on the fertile scandinavian grounds of the “Anarchival” beginning at Alt_Cph 13.

Science Friction is founded in December 2011 by a group of six international artists, practitioners and technology afficionados. Science Friction has developed into a solid Danish “Arts and Technology” platform with global reach and local impact.

Each member of the Science Friction team brings something particular, through established and evolving networks, expertise and interests spanning contemporary art and curatorial practices, design, scientific investigations, creative cultures, electrical experimentations and software engagement.

We believe that our artist-practitioner-run initiative has the demonstrated potential to engage with sites dedicated to contemporary art and design culture, as well as those representing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and hacker cultures.

Science Friction seeks out authentic and raw ways of curating and working with new materials: technological, digital, critical or otherwise, and fuses these with our focus on making a societal impact in Nørrebro and abroad.



The project consists of monthly performance events conducted by PERFORMANCErum, which is the only stage exclusively for performance art in Aarhus. The performance events take place on every last Friday of the month in Rum46 in Studsgade and each event has a different theme. The participating performers are a mix of established artists and young emerging artists – local and international – in order to ensure artistic quality while at the same time making room for new and experimenting events. Each event consists of 3 to 5 performances and a mix of established and emerging artists. 

The artists who are running performancerum is: Ragnhild May, Joaquin Zaragoza, Søren Kragh og claus ejner. There will be performance by all four and furthermore by Claus Strøm and Hybrid.


Photos: Claus Ejnar, Molly Haslund, Ragnhild May

Object This Picture


Object This Picture is a platform for studies of contemporary image practice. We do exhibitions, catalogues, and lectures on the basis of artistic practices – but always in conjunction with knowledge- and practice forms within psychology, literature and digitality.

Object This Picture is based on the notion that:

- The image appears on more and more platforms as painting, photography, film, layout, graphs, computer graphics etc. 
- Visual forms of experience are a primary factor in the construction of the way we experience ourselves and the outside world
- The image is not necessarily alienating, but tangible, functional, political and poetic. Presumably all at once.
- The reality characteristic of the image is always related to the experiential contexts in which the image is included. As such it points to, participates in and generates contexts.

Object This Picture gives talks Saturday 16-17hrs on the stage. Participants are: Søren Bjørn, Johan Martin Christiansen, Carl Martin Faurby, Jørgen Michaelsen and Theis Wendt.

Photos: "Pale Blue Dot" (2012) Søren Bjørn, "SWARM" (2012) Theis Wendt, "Walk, Walk" (2012) Johan Martin Christiansen. 

Modtar Projects


Modtar Projects has existed as an exhibition space and project room for experimental architecture since 2007. The space was based on a desire to create a forum for the exhibition and development of alternative architectural practices – with room for spatial experimentation and 1:1 based sketching.

Modtar Projects is situated in an old backyard building in central Copenhagen and is run by the four architects: Ida Flarup, Maria Mengel, Thomas Feveile and Peter Møller Rasmussen.

(images online soon)

Learning Site


The Learning Site focuses on the local conditions in which its art practice is located. This entails a critical examination of the material resources and economies available within specific situations. Each situation may entail examination of economic and environmental factors, but also labour rights, property rights and the production and distribution of knowledge, which are investigated in tandem to produce a variety of different critical perspectives.

Kontoret for Kunst i Byen


Kontoret for Kunst i Byen (The Office for Art in Town) is a nomadic project space that focuses on involving art – actively and early – in urban development processes. The Office is based in and around central and visible sites in the centre of suburban Ballerup. The Office utilizes the city’s empty shops as well as suitable sites and locations in the city centre, which are temporarily staged to suit the occasion.

The Office serves as a mediator between the art, the city and its inhabitants. The Office employs art as a means to identify problems and opportunities that will generate experiences of the city by performing temporary interventions in strategic sites in Ballerup. The Office for Art in Town seeks to create a framework within which to orchestrate meetings between various fields of interest in order to aid the breakdown of barriers and pave the way for new thought.


Photos: Gitte Lykke, Erling Lykke Jeppesen. 



Grimmuseum is a non-profit artists-run institution that promotes visual art, performance art and sound art in the premises of the former Luise Grimm Museum in Kreuzberg. Grimmuseum was founded in 2010 by artist Enrico Centonze with the goal to create an interdisciplinary platform for established as well as emerging Berlin-based artists and curators. The institution functions as an open, accessible and process based exhibition space, showing a wide-ranging spectrum of contemporary art production. There are three branches of activities cultivated at Grimuseum to enable a diverse program. These are: Grimm Projects presenting solo and group exhibitions curated by guest artists and curators with the aim to question different strategies of curatorial praxis. The Extension Series, a performance art platform where artists are invited to develop new work and research new methodologies of performance documentation. And Whistle Minotaure, a sound art series presenting international sound artists to broaden the range of concepts and processes of contemporary art using sound as a basic medium.

Photos: Christopher Kline, Grimmuseum 



GREEN IS GOLD is a Copenhagen based non-profit project space and was opened in 2011 by Danish artists Amalie Bønnelycke Lunøe and Ditte Knus Tønnesen. The space focuses on exhibiting local and international artists with diverse, progressive practices that are independent of trends and tendencies in art.


Photos: Hannah Heilmann, Ditte Grantriis, Hannah Heilmann

F.A.T Lab


F.A.T Lab (Free Art and Technology Lab) is an organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media. Release early, often and with rap music.


(the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia - EE)

EKKM - the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia. In the late autumn of 2006 four establishing members of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia ( EKKM ) squated an empty house next to Tallinn harbour in order to turn this place into the museum and to start making exhibition, establishing the collection of art etc. The first exhibition took place in 2007, since 2010 EKKM has operated regularily from late spring to early autumn making 4-6 exhibitions per season and has a collection that consists around 30 art works at this very moment. EKKM detoured the symbolic capital of the title that the name gives and has made this its main operational tool. EKKM is an institution as a performance that takes place in the void of local cultural politics. It is a tool for for younger generation artists, curators and art students to self-institutionalise. EKKM positions itself in between the official art institutions and alternative, artists run spaces, being itself neither of them. Its a weird, counterpublic and unconventional vision of a art museum that aims to produce, exhibit, collect international and local contemporary art while also altering the methods of its production.

Danske Grafikere


On June 18th 1979 the association Danish Printmakers was founded on the initiative of the painter and graphic artist Dan Sterup-Hansen. Today, The Association of Danish Printmaking Artists includes 220 professional graphic artists and its purpose is to further the interest in and the knowledge of graphic art. Over the years, DGA has encompassed many different activities. In addition to exhibitions in Denmark and abroad there have been symposia, courses in advanced techniques, lectures and meetings with colleagues from similar graphic societies abroad. A centre for information on graphic art, a space where the audience can meet the graphics, and a site for the benefit of the artists. The Association of Danish Printmaking Artists is 100% artist run.


Photos: Danske Grafikere logo, Melou Vanggaard, Malene Hartmann.



Candyland is a non-profit art space run by ten people who take turns in inviting artists to exhibit. Candyland is located in Södermalm the south-east part of Stockholm, where most of the artists' initiatives in Stockholm are located. Candyland was founded in February 2004. So far, Candyland has arranged more than a hundred exhibitions accompanied by gigs, performances, workshops and screenings.


Photos: "La Piztola", Rikke Benborg, "Colque" Valerie Montti. 

c4 projects


c4 projects is a new exhibition space in Copenhagen. We organize and curate exhibitions that present extracts of the newest contemporary art. c4 is an experimental exhibition space that approaches art, curation, and communication from a position of curiosity. We arrange 10-12 exhibitions per year, along with a number workshops, readings, talks and other events. We present contemporary art of high standard and provide exposure for younger artists from Denmark and abroad. The exhibitions function as kick offs in the general debates concerning art and society. c4 projects grew out of the artist collective Carstengade 4 which has been organizing exhibitions at various locations in Copenhagen since 2011.

We are: Naja Maria Lundstrøm, Helene Ringkjær Pedersen, Signe Ohayv Aarestrup, Marie Melchiorsen, Maja Laybourn, Kit Carlsen, and Anne Munnecke Christensen.

bull mengers


bull mengers is a small project space located in a part of visual artist Line Sandvad Mengers' private residence. Bull mengers wishes to create a platform for contemporary art, outside of the urban art scene and to show social and idea-based projects at a qualitative standard. Located in the mountain village Laven, bull mengers relates to its local context and has had a series of exhibitions, supported by visiting artists and local involvement.


Photos: "Huse til salg" opening at bullmengers, "Electric Chair" by Osama Dawod, "Inspirational posters" by Susan Omalley. 

Another Space


Another Space is a project space for art and architecture, initiated by curator Marte Danielsen Jølbo and architect Nicola Louise Markhus.

As a combined gallery, project space and shared office, Another Space aims to be a meeting place for spatial exploration, collaboration and discussion. We wish to instigate immersions and critical approaches to the cross-disciplinary field and its potentials, through presenting and discussing current tendencies within art, architecture and society. As a non-profit working and exhibition space, we wish to enable experiment, research and reflections on artistic and architectural practices in a wider philosophical, theoretical, historical and social perspective. Our curatorial approach is based on concerns for the spatial, material and sensuous as well as for critical speculation and imaginative visions, coming together in poetic expression and good craftsmanship.


Photos: "Blue Bricks" Akane Moriyama, "Ventilation slide projection" A-kassen, installation view of "Textile Spaces" exhibition (2013)

Anders Benmouyal & Peter Rørbæk


In their work the artists, Peter Rørbæk and Anders Benmouyal, explore the relation between mundane everyday objects, sound and photography, which relates to mental space and to concepts of freedom and identity.

Peter Rørbæk og Anders Benmouyal present a total installation and a sound performance. The installation is made from a combination of ceramic and found objects and biographical material, which composes the set design for the performance part. The sound performance takes place in collaboration with Piet Gitz-Johansen. 


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(credit: FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design)

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(credit: Maria Desirée Holm-Jacobsen)

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Copenhagen's Independent Art Fair


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