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Alt_Cph 2018: Over-existing


The Factory of Art and Design, Cph

The Factory of Art and Design is the home of Alt_Cph, but besides being the location of the art fair, The Factory function as an atelier and working space for approx. 50 artist and designers. The Factory of art and design also facilitate artist-in-residence programs and works with local schools on outreach projects. The Factory is currently facilitating two residency programs – World Wide Air and Fair. Once a year The Factory invites everyone to Open House, so that local people from the neighbourhood, art lovers and others who might be curious can look behind the scenes in the old factory building at Sundholmsvej.

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Adult presents national and international contemporary art.The curating work of Adult is conceptual, with the goal of exploring new exhibition forms.


Adult præsenterer samtidskunst fra ind- og udland. Adults kuratoriske arbejde er konceptuelt, hvis formål er at afprøve nye udstillingsformater.


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Dorota Gawęda (PL) and Eglė Kulbokaitė (LT) are an artist duo founded in 2013, living in Basel and Athens. In  their work they address feminist inspired theory and fiction, technology-driven emancipation and discursiveness of space. With YOUNG GIRL READING GROUP, Gawęda and Kulbokaitė investigate the act of reading as an intimate experience, holding the potentiality to become public performance through the “outlouding” of words. Agatha Valkyrie Ice is a multi-platform, participatory, self-performance project and enquiry that functions as an artistic strategy to explore parallels in identity and artistic production.

Dorota Gawęda (PL) og Eglė Kulbokaitė (LT) er en kunstnerduo grundlagt i 2013 som lever i Basel og Athen. I deres arbejde adresserer de feministisk inspireret teori og fiktion, teknologidreven emancipation og diskursivitet af rum. Med YOUNG GIRL READING GROUP undersøger Gawęda og Kulbokaitė det at læse som en intim oplevelse, der indeholder potentialiteten til at blive en offentlig performance gennem “the outlouding” af ordene. Agatha Valkyrie Ice er en multi-platform, deltagende, selv-performance projekt og forespørgsel, der fungerer som en kunstnerisk strategi til at udforske paralleller i identitet og kunstnerisk produktion.

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Age of Aquarius


Age of Aquarius is a collaboration between artists Nanna Starck and Uffe Isolotto, and manifests itself as both a curatorial exhibition and event platform in a rooftop garden, and as an internationally exhibiting collaborative. The thematic base for all of Age of Aquarius’ activities is the garden cycle, and the curating and the artworks reflect the pragmatics of the garden. Because of the nature of the space - an intimate open-air venue overlooking the Copenhagen skyline in a public health center with private penthouse apartments - notions of private and public space are part of the curating and experience of the artworks. The focus is mainly on intimate experiences through sculptures, performance, sound and video.

Age of Aquarius er et samarbejde mellem kunstnerne Nanna Starck og Uffe Isolotto, og manifesterer sig selv som både en kuratorisk udstillings og event platform i en taghave, samt et internationalt udstillings samarbejde. Den tematiske base for alle Age of Aquarius’ aktiviteter er havens cyklus og kurateringen og kunstværkerne reflekterer havens pragmatik. På grund af rummets natur - en intim udendørs scene med udsigt ud over Københavns skyline i et folkesundheds center med private penthouse lejligheder - forestillinger om private og offentlige rum er en del af kurateringen og oplevelsen af værkerne. Fokus er primært på de intime oplevelser gennem skulptur, performance, lyd og video.

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Creamy Gallery

Creamy Gallery is a new inflatable, mobile exhibition platform in the form of a 4x5 pearl white clam. CG is bubbling with pre-crisis decadence – she is a millennium zombie opening her shell. Creamy Gallery is run by Anna Gunvor, Anna Walther & Mio Nordentoft.

Creamy Gallery er en ny oppustelig og mobil udstillingsplatform i form af en 4x5 perlehvid musling. CG er boblende med pre-krise dekadence - hun er en millennium zombie der åbner sin skal. Creamy Gallery er drevet af Anna Gunvor, Anna Walther & Mio Nordentoft


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Annual Reportt

Annual Reportt is an occasional exhibition platform and ad hoc laboratory for investigating the overlapping peripheries of various artistic disciplines, including design, art, architecture, music and performance. With a focus on language, transmission, mediation and translation within the arts, the platform seeks to facilitate a critical discourse within the field of contemporary cultural production. The platform is run by the office for graphic design, typography and research Alexis Mark, and was established during the summer of 2017.

 Annual Reportt er en lejlighedsvis udstillingsplatform og ad hoc laboratorium til undersøgelse af de overlappende periferi af forskellige kunstneriske discipliner, herunder design, kunst, arkitektur, musik og performance. Med fokus på sprog, transmission, mægling og oversættelse inden for kunst, søger platformen at faciliterer en kritisk diskurs indenfor
området for samtidens kultur produktion. Platformen drives af kontoret for grafisk design, typografi og forskning Alexis Mark, og blev etableret i løbet af sommeren 2017.

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THE FUTURE SUBURBAN CONTEMPORARY (FSC) is a exhibition platform based in Copenhagen, Denmark making collaborations and exhibiting emerging artists from everywhere and nowhere. Each show are planned as various forms of cooperation between FSC and the participators. A way to create group dynamics that fits to the format, space, time, mind and concept. To execute together and apart. The FSC is both a physical place, a virtual blog of process, a social experiment, a platform online/IRL, a fanzine publication, a brewery, a music collaborator ++++ FSC wants to take use of multiple ways of dealing with the forms of pre/representation of an exhibition/show. To be there in real life, virtually or in any other form. A process of the intertwined realities to open up the location and the access points of FSC. A physical, virtual, textual, content and contextual process of artistic communication and cooperation, both live and online

FUTURE SUBURBAN CONTEMPORARY (FSC) er en udstillingsplatform, med base i København, der samarbejder med og udstiller spirende kunstnere fra alle og ingen steder. Hvert show er planlagt som forskellige former for samarbejde mellem FSC og deltagerne, en måde at skabe gruppedynamik på, der passer til format, rum, tid, sind og koncept. At udføre sammen og hver for sig. FSC er både et fysisk sted, en virtuel blog i proces, et socialt eksperiment, en online platform/IRL, en fanzine-publikation, et bryggeri, en musik samarbejdspartner. ++++ FSC ønsker at benytte sig af flere måder at håndtere former for præstation/repræsentation af en udstilling/show. At være der i det virkelige liv, virtuelt eller i enhver anden form. En proces af de sammenflettede virkeligheder for at åbne placeringen og adgangspunkterne for FSC. En fysisk, virtuel, tekstlig, indholds- og kontekstuelle proces af kunstnerisk kommunikation og samarbejde, både live og online.


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heiwata is an international curatorial collective with members based between Mexico City, Paris and Toronto. As a mobile project-space, heiwata conceives exhibitions, events and texts crossing various disciplines.

heiwata was founded by Elsa Delage, Anaïs Lepage, Alma Saladin, and Aurélie Vandewynckele


heiwata er et internationalt kuratorisk kollektiv med medlemmer baseret i henholdsvis Mexico City, Paris og Toronto. Som et mobilt projekt-rum, udvikler heiwata udstillinger, begivenheder og tekster på tværs af forskellige discipliner.

heiwata er grundlagt af Elsa Delage, Anaïs Lepage, Alma Saladin, and Aurélie Vandewynckele

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From the performance "Mademoiselle X"
Photo: Alan Proosa

Maria Metsalu

Maria Metsalu, born in 1990, is an Estonian choreographer and performer. Her works express an ongoing interest in self-mythologization and autopoiesis via new, corporate technologies in an attempt to understand their unique terms of social exchange and transformation. Metsalu graduated from SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in 2016, and is one of the founding members of international performance group Young boy dancing group.

Maria Metsalu, født i 1990 i Estland, er en koreograf og performer. Hendes værker udtrykker en kontinuerlig interesse i selv-mytologisering og autopoiese gennem nye virksomheds teknologier, i et forsøg på, at forstå deres unikke vilkår for social udveksling og transformation. Metsalu dimitterede fra SNDO (School for New Dance Development) i 2016, og er en af de stiftende medlemmer af den internationale performance gruppe Young boy dancing group.



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"We have put them up against the walls that they once built. Those who oppressed us can no longer reach us. Their world is unravelling. And we made it so. Now it is time for you - all our friends to claim what was denied us. Our time is now.”

Marronage is a collective of feminists that bring into focus narratives of resistance through editorial work, articles, and events. The journal Marronage was launched
on the occasion of the 2017 centennial of the sale of the former Danish West Indies and is dedicated to exposing the erasure of colonialism in the Nordic historical narrative. With contributions from artists, scholars, and activists, Marronage points to the colonial legacies of oppressive structures that we contend with today.


“De har ryggen mod den mur, som de engang byggede. Dem, der undertrykte os, kan ikke længere nå os. Deres verden optrævles. Og det er vores fortjeneste. Nu er det jeres tid - alle vores venner, til at tage det, der blev nægtet os. Vores tid er nu.”

Marronage er et kollektiv af feminister, der fremskriver modstandsfortællinger gennem
redaktionelt arbejde, artikler og begivenheder. Marronage blev lanceret som tidsskrift i anledningen af, at 2017 var 100-året for salget af de tidligere Dansk Vestindiske øer, og er dedikeret til at udstille nordens historiske fortrængning af kolonitiden. Med bidrag fra kunstnere, forskere og aktivister peger Marronage på kolonitidens arv af undertrykkende strukturer som vi kæmper mod i dag.

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OK Corral

OK Corral is af artist driven project-space and studio-community on Frederiksberg. OK Corrals goal is to give younger artists and curators a professional and spacious platform to experiment and present solo- and group exhibitions, which can help their projects further out in the world. After three years with rooms in Carlsberg Byen, OK Corral resurrected last year at Frederiksberg and presents around ten exhibtions yearly, with both danish and international contemporary artists and curators.

OK Corral er et kunstnerdrevet projektrum og atelierfællesskab på Frederiksberg. OK Corrals mål er at give yngre kunstnere og kuratorer en faglig og rumlig platform til at eksperimentere og præsentere solo- og gruppeudstillinger, der kan hjælpe deres projekter videre ud i verden. Efter tre år med lokaler i Carlberg Byen genopstod OK Corral sidste år på Frederiksberg, hvor der årligt præsenteres omkring ti årlige udstillinger med danske og internationale samtidskunstnere og kuratorer


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Piscine is a hybrid exhibition-phenomenon whose core sucks its nourishments from the younger national and international contemporary art scene. Piscine is an executive as well as presenting body that handles solo, group and collaborative situations. Piscine started its activities at Møllegade 5 in Aarhus, but was later invited by Jacob Fabricius to act as an autonomous unit at Kunsthal Aarhus for a five month period, parallel to the other activities of the art gallery. Since then, the exhibition phenomenon has had a nomadic existence that constantly moves from place to place. For Alt_Cph18, Piscine will enter into collaboration with the Portland-based artist duo Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas.


Piscine er et hybridt udstillingsfænomen, hvis kerne suger sin næring fra de yngre nationale og internationale samtidskunstlag. Piscine er et udøvende såvel som præsenterende organ, der håndterer solo-, gruppe- og kollaborative situationer. Piscine startede sine aktiviteter på Møllegade 5 i Aarhus, men blev senere inviteret af Jacob Fabricius til at agere autonom enhed på Kunsthal Aarhus i en fem måneders periode, parallelt med kunsthallens øvrige aktiviteter. Sidenhen har udstillingsfænomenet fået en nomadisk tilværelse, der bestandigt flytter fra sted til sted. Til Alt_Cph18 vil Piscine indgå i et samarbejde med den Portland-baserede kunstnerduo Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas.


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Sensorisk Verden

Sensorisk Verden is a flexible umbrella-label which has functioned as music releaser, curator and showcase platform. Besides presenting music on traditional medias, Sensorisk Verden has put name to exhibitions, performances and concert nights, and released music as downloadcodes implemented in graphic works on posters and sometimes on a chunk of wood.


Sensorisk Verden er en fleksibel paraply betegnelse, der fungerer som musik udgiver, kurator og udstillingsplatform. Udover at præsenterer musik på traditionelle medier, har Sensorisk Verden lagt navn til udstillinger, perfomance værker og natte koncerter, samt udgivet musik som download koder implementerede i grafiske værker på plakater og nogle gange et stykke træ.

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Posh Isolation

Posh Isolation is a record label and multimedia platform based in Copenhagen run by Christian Stadsgaard & Loke Rahbek. Started as an underground record label in 2009 and has since morphed into a pinnacle for contemporary scandinavian music with a back catalogue off more than 200 releases and editions and with forays into both exhibition design, performance and fashion.


Posh Isolation er et pladeselskab og en multimedie platform med base i København, drevet af Christian Stadsgaard & Loke Rahbek. Det startede som et undergrunds pladeselskab i 2009 og har siden udviklet sig til et højdepunkt indenfor skandinavisk samtids musik, med et bagkatalog bestående af mere end 200 udgivelser og udgaver og som strækker sig ind i både udstillings design, performance og mode.

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Vermillion Sands

Located in Copenhagen, Vermilion Sands is an exhibition space for local and international contemporary art with an emphasis on experimental strategies of curation, mediation and access. We aim to collaborate with artists and curators alongside practitioners from other fields with the intention to provide a supportive platform for cultural production. The intention is -by embracing a variety of voices, approaches and positions- to activate conversations in the liminal zones between conventional thinking and understanding. Vermilion Sands is run by Malene Dam, Kevin Malcolm & Nikolaj Stobbe


Vermilion Sands er et udstillingssted i København for national og international  samtidskunst med fokus på eksperimenterende strategier indenfor kuratering, mediering og tilgængelighed. Vi sigter mod at samarbejde med kunstnere og kuratorer samt udøvere fra andre felter med henblik på at etablere en frugtbar platform for tværfaglig vidensproduktion. Ved at omfavne en symfoni af stemmer, metoder og positioner er intentionen at igangsætte samtaler i de liminale rum mellem konventionel tænkning og forståelse. Vermilion Sands er drevet af Kevin Malcolm og Malene Dam og Nikolaj Stobbe.


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New Noveta

New Noveta is the collaborative project of London based artists Ellen Freed and Keira Fox. Their performances are multidisciplinary, combining sound recording and music production, props and costumes, installation building and live body action/dance. The work is engrossed in ideas of social and political conformity, and methods in which to channel day-to-day anxiety and mental and emotional struggle. Embodying vital expressions of corporately stigmatized emotions, New Noveta go through grueling choreographed tasks with a reactive fervent distress, in order to oppose a quotidian numbed repetition of patriarchal society.


New Noveta er et kollaborativt projekt mellem de to London baserede kunstnere Ellen Freed og Keira Fox. Deres performances er multidisciplinære og kombinerer lydoptagelser og musikproduktion, med rekvisitter, kostumer og installationer samt live krops-aktion/dans. Deres arbejde er opslugt af ideer om social og politisk overensstemmelse, og metoder hvorigennem man kan kanaliserer dag-til-dag angst og emotionel kamp. Omfavnende vitale udtryk for stigmatiserede følelser, går New Noveta gennem krævende koreograferede opgaver med reaktiv entusiastisk lidelse, for at modsætte sig en indkodet følelsesløs gentagelse af det patriarkalske samfund.


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Maja Malou Lyse

Maja Malou Lyse (b.1993) is a artist and wannabe sexologist. She lives and works in Copenhagen, currently studying her masters program at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She is obsessed with intersections of sex and technology, self-objectification and pleasure politics. Lyse has previously shown work at Tate Modern, Moderna Museet, The Victoria and Albert Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Charlottenborg Kunsthall, among others.


Maja Malou Lyse (f. 1993) er en kunstner og wannabe sexolog. Hun bor og arbejder i København, hvor hun studerer sin Master på Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi. Hun er optaget af krydsningerne mellem sex og teknologi, selv-objektivisering og fornøjelses politik. Lyse har tidligere vist værker på Tate Modern, Moderna Museet, The Victoria and Albert Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, blandt andre.


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SØ is an artist-run non-commercial gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. We focus on emerging artists around Europe, creating a link between the local, Danish art-scene and practices from abroad.

SØ is run by Daniel Peder Askeland and Gisa Pantel in cooperation with Alexandra Jegerstedt and Röj-Forlag. For Alt_Cph 2018 they have invited Francis Patrick Brady and Vebjørn Guttomsgaard Møllberg.


SØ er et kunstnerdrevet ikke-kommercielt galleri i København. Galleriet fokuserer på upcoming kunstnere fra Europa og forsøger at skabe link mellem den lokale, danske kunstscene og praksisser fra udlandet.

SØ er drevet af Daniel Peder Askeland og Gisa Pantel i samarbejde med Alexandra Jegerstedt og Röj-Forlag. Til Alt_Cph har de inviteret Francis Patrick Brady og Vebjørn Guttomsgaard Møllberg.


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SOUVENIR™  is a Berlin art label founded by Karin Oender and David Mallon.

We make products with a story, merging the ineffable effect of art with the commemorative value of souvenirs.


> from French: remembrance, reminder.

an object purchased or given as a memory

At Alt_Cph SOUVENIR™ will do a merchandise line for the exhibition as their piece.


SOUVENIR™  er et kunst mærke fra Berlin grundlag af Karin Oender og David Mallon

Vi laver produkter med en historie, kombinerer den uudsigelige effekt af kunst, med erindringsværdien fra Souvenir.  

SOUVENIR, navneord

> fra fransk: erindring, minde.

et købt objekt eller givet som et minde

Til Alt_Cph vil SOUVENIR™ skabe en merchandise kollektion til udstilling som deres værk.

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Weekends is an exhibition platform run by Rasmus Myrup. Adapting its format season by season, Weekends has presented exhibitions in Copenhagen, Paris, London, New York and London since 2014.


Weekends er en udstillings platform drevet af Rasmus Myrup. Fra sæson til sæson adapterer de formater, og har udstillet i København, Paris, London, New York og London siden 2014.


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KH7 Artspace

KH7 artspace is a community of artists with an attached exhibition-space at the south harbour in Aarhus. The ambition with the artist run exhibition-space is a vibrating platform for artistic dialog and expression across generations and disciplines in Aarhus.


KH7 artspace er et kunstnerfællesskab med tilhørende udstillings-rum på sydhavnen i Aarhus. Ambitionen med det kunstnerdrevne udstillingsrum er en vibrerende platform for kunstnerisk dialog og udfoldelse på tværs af generationer og genrer i Aarhus.

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Sydhavn Station

The exhibition-space Sydhavn Station is located at a S-train station in the outskirts of Copenhagen. The artist-driven exhibition-space displays contemporary art at the station, and has created a cultural meeting point at this everyday place, which would usually not contain artworks. It is important for us to show the wide breadth of contemporary art and to help open the art scene for both foreign artists, newly graduated and elderly artists. The exhibition venue was launched in 2012 by 10 artists and is now contains 12 members, some of which are graduated from academies around Europe.


Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station ligger på en S-togsstation i udkanten af København. Det kunstnerdrevne udstillingssted viser samtidskunst på stationen og har skabt et kulturelt mødested på dette dagligdags sted, hvor der ellers ikke ville være kunst. Det er vigtigt for os at vise den store bredde i samtidskunsten og at være med til at åbne kunstscenen for både udenlandske kunstnere, helt nyuddannede og ældre kunstnere. Udstillingsstedet blev startet i 2012 af 10 kunstnere og er nu oppe på 12 medlemmer, hvoraf en del er nyuddannede fra akademier rundt om i Europa.

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Jade Fourès-Varnier and Vincent de Hoÿm consider art as an extension of life. They create atmospheres inspired by domesticity, where visitors are received as guests. Depending on the context, the country and the customs, the pair adapts its proposals which could be named as “total art”. A dinner, a fashion show, a hotel apartment, a bazaar, a nightclub... many proposals that address the concept of service, self-giving and generosity.

Jade Fourès-Varnier and Vincent de Hoÿm are the founders of TONUS, non for profit exhibition space since 2014, guest of the fair Paris Internationale 2017.


Jade Fourès-Varnier og Vincent de Hoÿem opfatter kunst som en forlængelse af liv. De skaber en atmosfære inspireret af hjemlighed hvor besøgende er modtaget som gæster. Afhængig af konteksten, landet og det skikke, adapterer parret sine forslag som kunne gives navnet “total art”. En middag, et fashion show, en hotellejlighed, en bazar, en natklub… mange forslag der adressere koncepter som service, self-giving og generøsitet.

Jade Fourès-Varnier og Vincent de Hoÿem er grundlæggerne af TONUS, et non-profit udstilling-sted siden 2014, gæster ved Paris Internationale 2017

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Ponzilla is a curatorcollective based in Copenhagen. In 2015 Ponzilla curated the group exhibition THE SMART HOME which explored the increasingly fluid boundaries between intimate spheres and public spheres in light of the new technologies and workforms. As curators they were themselves a kind of lab-rats for this investigation, due to the exhibition unfolding in their own private home which had video Surveillance 24 hours a day.

At Alt_Cph this year, Ponzilla will contribute with the performance I’m Such A Piece of Work.


Ponzilla er et kuratorkollektiv baseret i København. I 2015 kuraterede Ponzilla gruppeudstillingen THE SMART HOME der undersøgte de tiltagende flydende grænser mellem intimsfære og offentlig sfære i lyset af nye teknologier og arbejdsformer. Som kuratorer udgjorde de selv en slags laboratorierotter for denne undersøgelse, idet udstillingen foregik i deres eget private hjem som var videoovervåget 24 timer i døgnet.  

På årets Alt_Cph vil Ponzilla bidrage med performancen I’m Such A Piece of Work.

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In photo: Cuss Group
Cuss Group have been invited by 1.1. to collaborate on a project for Alt_Cph 18


1.1 is a non-commercial platform for a young practice in arts and music. It was founded in 2015, and is currently co-directed by Deborah Joyce Holman and Tuula Rasmussen.It defines itself through an output through various formats, rather than a overly formulated concept and is interested in creating a diverse and thus contemporary narrative.


1.1. er en ikke-kommerciel platform for ung kunst og musik praksis. Den blev grundlagt i 2015, og er nu co-instrueret af Deborah Joyce Holman og Tuula Rasmussen. Den definerer sig selv gennem output i forskellige formater, i stedet for et over-formuleret koncept, og interesserer sig for at skabe et alsidigt og derfor nutidigt narrativ.

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