Fabric of the Digital – Amalie Smith

‘Fabric of the Digital’ is a new project by artist and writer Amalie Smith (b. 1985, Denmark) commissioned in collaboration with Kunsthalle Amsterdam. Fabric of the Digital explores the history, labor, ethics and aesthetics of weaving in relation to the digital and collects bits of Smith’s research material for the production of a public art work made in 2018 for Ørestad High School in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project unfolds on Instagram with daily posts that tell the story of computation, gender and textiles. From the Victorian noblewoman Ada Lovelace and her collaboration with mathematician Charles Babbage on the design of the world’s first computer, the Analytical Engine, over the women who wrote code for the first general-purpose computer during the second world war, to the Navajo weavers employed in New Mexico computer chip factories, Fabric of the Digital spins and weaves a visual introduction to critical computer history. Follow the work on our Instagram.