Lisa Baraitser: Enduring Time – On Violence and Care

Lisa Baraitser (UK)
16/09 2020


In its early stages, the ongoing global pandemic laid bare the hidden structures of care and dependency that we often close our eyes to. COVID-19 also alerted us to our collective vulnerability and dependency  – and the violence that so often goes hand in hand with care.

In her 2017 book ‘Enduring Time’ psychoanalyst and cultural theorist Lisa Baraitser diagnoses our present as a moment of suspended time. Between a traumatic past and a foreclosed future, we find ourselves in stuck time, a time closely connected to the time of care. In this talk Lisa Baraitser will be in dialogue with the curator Miriam Wistreich to use our current moment as a thinking space to consider the relationships between vulnerability, violence, resistance and care.

The dossier Waiting and Care in Pandemic Times, published by Wellcome Open Research and produced by the Waiting Times research collective will form the backdrop to this conversation. The dossier can be found here.

We will also think with Achille Mbembe’s recent blog post The Universal Right to Breathe.

This event will be in English. Sadly, we will not be able to make a video call compatible with a screen reader. This event is welcoming to all levels of access as it will be online. Breaks will be held every 30 min.

Listen to the talk here.