Launch of KULTURO#49

KULTURO — Tidsskrift for kunst, litteratur og politik (DK), Honey Biba Beckerlee (DK), Ida Schyum (DK), Gry Stokkendahl Dalgas (DK)
22/06 2020


Madame Defarges’ knitting in Charles Dicken’s A Tale Of Two Cities proves anything but innocent as she encodes a list over the enemies of the revolution into her knitting. There is a doublenes in a patterns: they are both everyday and rebellious; the subversive potentials of crafts. The invisible patterns that run in our backgrounds and environments; the violence, the alcoholism, the poverty handed from parents to children until suddenly, the patterns is broken.

KULTURO and Alt_Cph celebrates the release of a special collaborative issue of the magazine, made especially for Alt_Cph.

The launch presents art historian Ida Schyum, who is a contributing curator for alt_cph_2020, she talks about technology and the forgotten women of tech-history. Artist Honey Biba Beckerlee researches digital materials and speculates in the connections between memory and copper, both in computers, geology and in biological life. As well as poet Gry Stokkendahl Dalgas that reads from her text ”Jeg drømmer lidt om et søsterspind til os alle”, a quotidian experience of structured resistance in which vulnerability is given potential strength.

The talk can be seen here.