Text & Textile

Åse Eg (DK), Nanna Ánike Nikolajsen (GL/DK), Forfatterskolen (DK), Jessica Bebenek (CA), Ida Holmegaard (DK)
19/05 2020


A digital evening seminar on the entanglements of text, textile and crafts. Co-presented with Forfatterskolen, featuring aftenseminar Jessica Bebenek (CA), Ida Holmegaard (DK), Nanna Anike Nikolajsen (DK/GL) and Åse Eg (DK)

The connections between text, textile and crafts are manifold. Just as text, textile draws forth identity and cultural heritage. Historically and mythologically weaving, storytelling and resistance are spun together in knots. In Ovid’s ‘Metamorphosis’ the silenced Philomena, who’s tongue was cut by her brother in law and rapist, weaves the image of her assailant and makes revenge possible. Throughout history, women and other marginalised bodies have used weaving, knitting, crocheting and quilting as hiding places for codes and information. However, in the so-called global West crafts have also expressed the ultimate bourgeois conformity while simultaneously offering space for gathering. For working class women crafts remain laboursome and underpaid, a pattern that remains today in the Global South – with serious human and environmental consequenses.