Textiles in Resistance – workshop with micha cárdenas

micha cárdenas (US)
03/09 2020


Join us for this workshop on textiles-as-resistance in activist struggles against lethal weapons with artist and Assistant Professor micha cárdenas (US). With an introduction by curator Ida Schyum.

micha cárdenas will teach us how to use textiles against violence. The workshop will be based on cárdenas’ work ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ made with co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement Patrisse Cullors, Trans liberation artist Edxie Betts and Chris Head. Together, the group has developed a set of materials and processes for producing DIY bulletproof clothing at low to no cost, directed towards black trans women – one of the groups most targeted for homicide among LGBTQ people today in the US.

cárdenas will explain how non-digital technologies such as recipes and instructions for making bulletproof clothings are algorithms too and discuss other strategies against weaponization such as those used the Tute Bianche movement in Italy, where activists covered their bodies with padding to resist police violence. Workshop participants will brainstorm how to make their own lives safer through reused materials and garments, as well as how to further develop the ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ work.

Please bring pen and paper.

The workshop marks the launch date of cárdenas work ‘Redshift&Portalmetal’ at the digital edition of Alt_Cph_20.

The workshop can be seen here.

This event will be in English and will be available on youtube with auto generated closed captioning after the event. Sadly, we will not be able to make a video call compatible with a screen reader as well. This event is welcoming to all levels of access as it will be online and therefore remote participation is *the* mode of engagement.