Un/Making Pollination

Un/Making Studio (SE)
15/08 2020


Un/Making Pollination is an on site event in Malmö on patterns that have emerged through plant-pollinator relationships. Reports, observations, predictions and speculations tell us stories about the alarming loss of pollinators, and along with that many of the fruits, vegetables, berries and more that we take for granted today.

Researchers Li Jönsson, Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl invite you to engage in how those patterns can be challenged through craft. We invite you to craft brushes and other tools for hand pollination. These tools are not to be understood as solutions to issues of pollination. Rather, the making of the tools is a means to sensitise ourselves to the complexities of particular relationships of pollination, and to collectively imagine how things could be otherwise than the thin story of death of pollinators.

The Un/Making Studio – a collaboration between Li Jönsson, Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl.

Illustration by Saskia Gullstrand. Published with courtesy of the artist.