FUTURE SCHOOL RADIO – Center for Militant Futurologi


This podcast is the first manifestation of the project ‘Future School’. Since 2015 Center for Militant Futurology has sought to explode our collective futuristic fantasy, by exploring and describing utopian scenarios in near and far futures. This work has engendered a dream of a future school — a school in which we can teach ourselves and each other the things we need to build such utopian futures right now, in the present.

As a start, Center for Militant Futurology is looking for groups and projects working with topics and practices beyond the objectives of profit maximization and infinite growth. In order to connect with them, create networks, and prepare the soil for future collective learning. So in this podcast, Center for Militant Futurology ventures into the world, at first in and around Svendborg, Denmark, in order to find new utopian comrades and ask them, what they think we need to learn to live on a damaged Earth, how we can heal and nourish it, and build brighter futures in spite of and beyond capitalism.

In this first episode we meet ‘Det Kommende Kollektiv’, a group of activists, artists, builders and thinkers who in march 2020 took over a disbanded dairy in Østre Skerninge, west of Svendborg. The podcast is in Danish.