We Are All Sick! – Hospital for Self Medication


We Are All Sick!

Hospital for Self Medication is a self-organised hospital. It is an experimental space for developing threads of health care with a communist texture. Threads from which we hopefully can weave the fabric of a new community of the exhausted, the displaced, the ill, the disabled, the traumatised, the injured, the weathered, the suicidal. We need a new hospital built by the sick.

The Hospital for Self Medication is an experimental institution that will work with critical forms of care and therapy. We want to lay bare and challenge the violent roots and practices of western health care. We will speculate, search for and try out new ways. Our bodies and minds have been dissected into increasingly smaller sections within the regime of present-day medical care. The specialisation and separation of the capitalist system structuring our ideas of health care have to be countered by collective and everyday forms. We would like to put the mind-body back together and reclaim our own experience of the fuzzy contours of our physical selves.

– Jakob Jakobsen


Download the front side of the poster here and the back side here.