Inumineq – Maya Sialuk Jakobsen


‘Inumineq’ consists of recorded material from the process of recreating the artist’s mother’s beaded necklace from her traditional Greenlandic national costume. The beaded necklace was probably made for her first day of school. With this work, the artist aims to start a conversation about the children who were taken from Kalaallit Nunaat / Greenland and placed in Danish families in the 1950s and 60s. These children are rarely mentioned in official history and, as such, they are granted no identity. Hundreds of children are thought to have been removed from their families and homeland and placed in Danish foster homes as a strategy of “integration”. The artist’s mother was one of these children. By insisting on her mother’s visibility, the artist models her mother’s face as the face of the nameless, forgotten children. The beaded necklace provides the children with a body.