Little Of The World Lends Itself To Continuous Straight Lines – An Email Interview With Sadie Plant By Amalie Smith


“Digitisation has done nothing to shift the extreme imbalances of power that were in place twenty years ago and are even more pronounced today, and those seeking to maintain or restore this status quo – male superiority, white supremacy, neat divides between sexes and sexualities – are bound to use whatever platforms are at hand. Fortunately it is equally inevitable that those who are working to change the status quo will use them too” says Sadie Plant, cultural theorist, cyber-feminist and author of ‘Zeros+Ones. Digital Women+The New Technoculture’.

– Interview with Sadie Plant by Amalie Smith


Read ‘Little Of The World Lends Itself To Continuous Straight Lines’ here


Image: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator (ENIAC), Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain. From the comission FABRIC OF THE DIGITAL