LOCKS & KEYS – Albin Werle


LOCKS & KEYS is an interactive game for Instagram by artist Albin Werle: a virtual deck of cards used as a tool to locate and discuss shared problems.  Play it with a colleague, a friend, partner, family member or any other relation to consider new pasts and futures.


LOCKS & KEYS is played through the Instagram profile @locks.and.keys developed by artist Albin Werle. The game is based on a set of 16 illustrations accompanied by  eight themes called lock-cards, and eight perspectives called key-cards. Go to @locks.and.keys on  Instagram to find the three story highlights that present the cards and the rules. LOCKS & KEYS will guide you to talk about the theme of the lock-card through the perspective of the key-card, as it relates to your situation.


By pairing one of the following locks: relations, organization, education, history, basic needs, safety, ideology or communication, with one of the following keys: body, thinking, feeling, actions, time, space, logic or communication, the game opens conversations between players and invites us to (re)imagine together.  By writing histories together and talking speculative pasts, LOCKS & KEYS aspires to help us envision alternative futures. In order to challenge the systems that control us, the game  insists on the participants’ ability to take new roles as the game moves forward.


Inspired by tarot for therapeutic conversations, where interpreting how a card relates to your situation is open and based on dialogue, LOCKS & KEYS insists on the agency of role change or drawing a new card whenever you want in order to transform and evolve the conversation as desired. LOCKS & KEYS proposes the sixteen themes and perspectives as a resistant pattern for exchange, interweaving and co-creation of therapeutic relation-building.


Find LOCKS & KEYS here.