Åse Eg (DK)

Åse Jørgensen Eg (b. 1958, Denmark) is a graphic designer, an exhibition facilitator and co-editor of the art journal Pist Protta. Eg works in the hybrid space between design and art. Over the last couple of years, her practice has been revolving around language, its connections, and the possibilities and limitations within the expression of complex contexts. In 2011 Pist Protta celebrated its 20 year anniversary with exhibitions at the art museum Brandts in Odense, Denmark, Århus Kunstbygning, Denmark and Overgaden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Eg has also exhibited her work at Danske Grafikeres hus, and done projects for Kulturarvsstyrelsen, Hotel Pro Forma, Informations Forlag and Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning.