Hannah Amalie Nielsen & Sabitha Söderholm (DK)

Sabitha Söderholm (b.1989 in Sathankulam, Tamil Nadu, India) is a Danish artist studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Using text and words as primary forms of expression, she autobiographically investigates themes such as adoption and grief. Thereby she also explores the meaning of signs and words. Recently, Söderholm has exhibited at Kunsthal Ved Siden Af and Alice Folker Gallery, and she has read at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark.

Hannah Amalie Nielsen (b. 1993, Copenhagen) is a Danish artist building imaginative universes with crafts. She is particularly occupies with weaving as it has been passed down through many generations in her family. Nielsen is a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. Her work has been published in Pist Protta magazine and  exhibited at Rigshospitalet, Alice Folker Gallery and Kunsthal Ved Side Af, Denmark, and has made visuals and a music video for the Danish band Communions.

Hannah Amalie Nielsen & Sabitha Sofia Söderholm’s collaboration mainly manifests in clothing/costumes, fairytales/roleplay, poetry/stories and in a particular interest in female history in a performative and sculptural constellation. They build worlds and universes with different traditional crafts and technologies as ceramics, embroidery, patchwork and weaving – techniques that have been passed from generation to generation via the mothers and grandmothers in their families.