Sami Girl Gang (SE/NO/FI)

Sami Girl Gang is a platform for artistic collaborations and experiments with Sámi and feminist narratives. The group has a number of members and will be represented at Alt_Cph_20 by Ellen Berit Dalbakk (b. 1983, Norway), Katarina Kielatis (b. 1989, Sweden), Merethe Kuhmunen (b. 1990, Sweden), Jenni Laiti (b. 1981, Sweden), and Rönn-Lisa Zakrisson Påve (b. 1995, Sweden). Sami Girl Gang have had several workshops and performances, amongst others at Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art, Norway, here in relation to TRÅANTE 2017, the celebration of a 100 years of fighting for democracy, justice and diversity for the Sámi people. Sami Girl Gang have also shown their work at Galleri Nordnorge, Norway, and Festspillene in Nord-Norge, Norway.