Julie Edel Hardenberg (GL)

Julie Edel Hardenberg (b.1971, Greenland) is an artist and a writer. She works with culture and language from a post-colonial perspective, where she focuses on themes about mental colonization, cultural assimilation and socialization structures. Hardenberg has a versatile career that includes scenography and installations for both featured films, theater plays, and dance performances. She has received awards and grants both for her visual art and writing. In 2006 Hardenberg was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize for her book The Quiet Diversity (2005), and she has been recognized as one of the fifty most promising young photographers by Musée de L’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2007, her book ABCT was nominated for the best book work of the year by the Danish Association of Book Craft.

Photo: Julie Edel Hardenberg, Saammaasseqatigiinnermut isumalioqatigiissitaq / Greenland Reconsiliation Commission 2013-17 #1