Mette Clausen (DK)

Mette Clausen (b. 1980, Denmark) is a Danish artist whose weaved work Selfmachine (pattern in resistance) has given name to Alt_Cph 2020. Clausen works with textiles and deals with questions of caring, sorrow, language and labour. Her work is characterized by stringent compositions that explore repetition as the basis for constructing the individual and the collective. With simple means she questions established norms surrounding the capitalist, productive human being. Clausen is co-founder and part of BarHvaViHar, a queer feminist art bar with exhibitions, readings and performances at Warehouse9 in Copenhagen. She has exhibited in several places in Denmark, amongst others at The House for Art and Design, Holstebro, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen.