Pikene på Broen (NO)

Pikene på Broen (est. 1996)  is a collective of curators and producers based in the north-eastern Norwegian town of Kirkenes. Their cultural projects or ‘border-crossing exercises’ provide new perspectives on the north, while initiating discussions on themes relevant to the Barents Region. In 2009 Pikene på Broen was awarded the Eckbos Legaters Culture Prize. Their core activities includes Barents Spektakel, a festival treating issues related to the Barents Region and the High North in general, Terminal B a hub for genre and border crossing art projects, the artist-in-residency program BAR International, and the Transborder Cafe, a concept involving open discussions related to current political and cultural issues.

Artwork: Ina Otzko, photo: Hilde Sørstrøm, Hakapik et nettmagasin for kunstkritikk