YNKB or Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau (est. 2002) is an artist group based in Nørrebro. The current members are  Thomas Østergaard, Kirsten Dufour, “Stoffer” Michael Christensen, Tine Tvergaard, Joen Vedel, Finn Thybo Andersen, Eva La Cou, Ninna Poulsen, Katrine Skovgaard and Morten Bencke. YNKB works with community based projects that seek to relocate artistic activity to local environments. Within a framework of participation, openness, generosity and warmth, the group works with topics like recycling, reparation, self-sufficiency and autonomy. YNKB has hosted events including: video and film screenings, lectures, debates, and concerts. The group uses dialogue and participation to involve the audience in the artistic process. YNKB has an extensive international network of similar groups and works with related projects in Denmark and abroad, right now in Palestine.

Image: Artreach Nik