Phantasma Parade – Hannah Amalie Nielsen


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Phantasma Parade is a website developed by Hannah Amalie Nielsen at a time when she was physically immobile. Composed of programming, video, textiles, sound, and performance, the site is a piece of digital craftsmanship under constant development. A pair of red clogs is iterated throughout the page and refers to how weavers tried to destroy the new, automated jacquard looms that threatened their livelihood by throwing their clogs into the machines. When you click the shoes, a video starts paying homage to various craftwork processes staging them through the medieval ritualization of craftsmanship. With world-building and different symbols similar to those worn during the feasts of the past, Nielsen’s website recreates the honor of craftsmanship, which seems lost.


The sound of the website is made by band member of Communions Martin Rehof.


Phantasma Parade was curated by Ida Scyum.