May 15th, 2020

May 15-23 2020, a wonderful collection of artists and activists, thinkers and makers, patterns and people should have gathered at FABRIKKEN for Alt_Cph 20, Patterns in Resistance. During these 10 days, the idea was to initiate conversations, collaborations and co-productions between participants and audiences, between local communities, initiatives and various international groupings and voices.

We are deeply sad to announce that under the current COVID-19 circumstances, we have had to cancel the planned physical manifestation of the biennale.

In close dialogue with Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, we have come to the conclusion that we, as organizers, cannot responsibly execute such a big physical event in its original festival-format in 2020. Especially given the project’s focus on precarious bodies, and physical encounters, dialogue and co-productions across generations and groupings. We have realized that under the current circumstances, we are unable to ensure the safety of our collaborators and our audience. Even as the Danish society is slowly opening up for smaller public gatherings, we will not be able to activate the exhibition via the numerous planned local and international performances, talks and workshops, which are so crucial to the overall curatorial framework of this project.

We have been looking into postponing the biennale to 2021, but have encountered obstacles such as conflicting schedules and the heavy financial consequences of a prolonged timeline, which we, at this point, are unable to cover.

Alt_Cph 20 will reemerge in new patterns for online, off- and non-site spaces which we are currently forming. Follow ‘Threads and Pieces’ on this website, facebook and instagram.

We want to give a huge shout out to all the wonderful people who have blessed this project with their time and efforts. This website’s ‘Partners & Participants’ presents the full programme and lost pattern of Alt_Cph 20, an incredible collection of threads that we are deeply saddened to not be braiding together at Fabrikken for Kunst and Design this year.

All our solidarity with what should have been, not only in the context of this biennale,
The curatorial team of Alt_Cph_2020