Repairing Space – Anna Rieder & Signe Lynge

Repairing Space consists of five textile sculptures sewn together of used bedding, towels and under garments from the Danish hospital system. The sculptures are filled with balls from weighted blankets which, because of their weight, are calming and lower anxiety. When one lies under a weighted blanket, it feels like lying under the weight of another human being. It feels like a kind of care and with its softness the work contrasts the hard factory space. Both the room and the sculptureā€™s nuances are light, cool, pastels of blue and white, like the sky in the big windows facing the work. The language of the sculptures is soft and organic while the washed out character of the textiles gives associations to experiences in the hospital. One becomes part of the institution when clothed in hospital garments. The same way the workers in the central laundry which today is the factory space. They were part of a bigger and more violent system. The factory space was built as a central laundry in 1938. Homeless, sex workers, criminals and mentally vulnerable people were forced to work here. They washed textiles for the hospitals. The room still reflects the coolness and vulnerability they must have experienced here. The hanging textiles are a salute to and a reminder of the forced labourers and those inhabiting the institution of Sundholm, which today functions, among others, as a housing offer for social psychiatry users.