Witches, Work and Womxn: Revolution from the Kitchen – Salon Hysteria & Silvia Federici


It’s live! In ‘Caliban and the Witch – Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation’ (2004) scholar Silvia Federici lays bare the persecution of women*and others deemed witches and explores how these historical processes connected to the emergence of capitalism and the subordination of reproductive work.

In this talk Nazila Kivi discussed Silvia Federici’s works on Wages for Housework and Counterplanning from the Kitchen and reflect on work, reproduction and the dismantling of the capitalist-patriarchal system that keeps affecting us all, especially in times of distress.

The talk was organised as a response to the Danish midsummer tradition of ritualistic witch burnings. It centers on the subordination of reproductive work and the enormous consequences this has across bodies, human and more-than-human, across the globe.

We thank Astrid Noack’s Atelier (ANA) and YNKB for their help in making this conversation possible.