FUTURE SCHOOL RADIO – Center for Militant Futurologi
For Those Who Stand At Shorelines – Luiza Prado de O. Martins
Social Crisis! Mental Crisis! – Hospital for Self Medication
Cu in Circuit / Cu i Cyklus – Honey Biba Beckerlee
We Are All Sick! – Hospital for Self Medication
Lisa Baraitser: Enduring Time – On Violence and Care
Inumineq – Maya Sialuk Jakobsen
Visual Matrix: Acceleration, Resonance – Centre for Cyber Wellness
Little Of The World Lends Itself To Continuous Straight Lines – An Email Interview With Sadie Plant By Amalie Smith
The Future Conditional (2019) – Romi Morrison
HIMMELALMANAK – Nanna Debois Buhl
Textiles in Resistance – Workshop with micha cárdenas
Materialising Gendered Archives: Weaving, Language, and the Global Textile Object – Raisa Kabir
Pocket Time Rituals – Black Quantum Futurism
Redshifts and Portalmetal – micha cárdenas
LØGN – Astrid Gjesing
Jen Liu – A Better Life For The Workers presented by ARIEL
Udstillingen der forsvandt – ATLAS Magasin
Decolonizing Technology: Crafting Indigenous Resistance
Carrier Bags – I Tråd Med Verden x Mo Maja Moesgaard
Tekstil, Taktilitet og Teknologi – a conversation between Rosita Kær, Amalie Smith, Marie Louise Bech Nosch og Nynne Christoffersen
gáidat/máhccat​ (dissociate) – Sunna Nousuniemi
Writing Fiction In A Polyphonic Voice: The Psychiatric Creative Writing Workshop – Birgit Bundesen
LOCKS & KEYS – Albin Werle
The Cyborg Diaries: Family Abolition, Reproductive Technology and the Practice of Insurgent Care
Pure Opspind – Sabitha Söderholm & Hannah Amalie Nielsen
Phantasma Parade – Hannah Amalie Nielsen
Revolutions from the Kitchen: Technologies of Resistance and Radical Care
Soundings – Romi Ron Morrison & Loren Britton
Materialising Textile Labour: Embodied Geographies of Weaving – Raisa Kabir
As Is – Rasmus Pedersen
Yes Darling, You Are A Real Woman – Rosita Kær
Launch of Alt_Cph x KULTURO #49: Mønstre i Modstand
Witches, Work and Womxn: Revolution from the Kitchen – Salon Hysteria & Silvia Federici
Fabric of the Digital – Amalie Smith
Movement Pattern :: Collapsing The Waveform – Center for Militant Futurology
Tallorutit – Maya Sialuk Jacobsen