Udstillingen der forsvandt – ATLAS Magasin


‘Mønstre i modstand – Udstillingen der forsvandt’ is a Danish language podcast about female computers, weaving machines, sound therapy and the art works we would have shown at Alt_Cph 20: Patterns in Resistance had it not been for the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll hear artists, curators and experts draw strings between the analogue and the digital as we discuss Ursula K. Leguin’s ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’, ancient Greek textile factories and the capitalist anxiety we all keep quiet about.

Guests: Ida Bencke, Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology. Professor Marie-Louise Nosch. Curator Ida Schyum. Artists Mette Clausen and Jakob Jakobsen. Produced by Josefine Maria Hansen/ATLAS Magasin.

Host: Miriam Wistreich, Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology.




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