Visual Matrix: Acceleration, Resonance – Centre for Cyber Wellness


‘Visual Matrix: Acceleration, Resonance’ investigates the emotional significance of acceleration (social, economic, technological) and the sudden deceleration that many experienced when the pandemic broke out and society locked down. The sudden deceleration presents an opportunity for suspending our everyday consciousness and examining the meanings of acceleration. But instead of telling individual stories, the piece addresses the collective horizons that societal changes in velocity both expand and suppress.

In the piece, 11 participants form a Visual Matrix (VM) in an audiovisually documented performance. VM is based on Social Dreaming, which was originally developed as a research method in the 1980s in extension of the British Tavistock tradition. The purpose of the method is partly to uncover complex associative and imaginary relations and collective processes without reducing them to rationalised verbalisation. Partly, it is a method to develop communities where individuals share their thoughts and fantasies.


Watch the documentation here


Centre for Cyber Wellness
Isabel Ahm
Hannibal Andersen
Andreas Hjort Bundgaard
Sidsel Christensen
Nynne Just Christoffersen
Henrik Chulu
My Djørup
Line Falk
Louise Lassen Iversen
Halfdan Mouritzen
Jacob Remin

DOP: Anna Eline
Assistant DOP: Rine Rodin
Editor: Anna Eline and Laura Andread
Sound Designer: Hannibal Andersen
Praxis Developer: Maia Kahlke Lorentzen